Personal Narrative

it was a suny day and the sky was blou and i was runing day i told mom i have a game on friday and she said she wuold came and she wuold take me thar . And she said ok and Friday came and she dropt me sat and cheered for me and my sister my aother sister and my brother and last my dad. theĀ  game of tenis stardid and when he step me and the contest he said how got the most and i got fordey in a minite and she got twanty in a minite and he agenst the won and it was me.And i got a chrofey and a goldin metol and then we drivd home when we wer driving home we got mcdonalds for a selabrat and we went home and ate and went to sleep and then show me a supris and it was a supris party and there was kak and we opind presins and sang happy birthday and we ate cake.